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17th Consecutive Year of composing for Panorama 2016

2016 represents the 17th year, Mark is composing for Panorama, about a third of the span of the period where Panorama music has graced the stage in Trinidad and Tobago. Mark is also the Musical Director of the first resident steelband in Perth, Western Australia, Perth Pandemix which started in early 2013. He has produced/co-produced works such as Passion for Pan album (2000), and the pioneering products of Pan In Education (2004), and Pan in Education 2 (2011).

Mark has produced several popular songs for Panorama, which have been performed in Trinidad, and across the globe in main pan events as well as in schools and universities. Starting with songs like Glory, Passion for Pan, Fire and Steel, Identity, Frenzy, Colours Again, he has also collaborated musically with Amrit Samaroo, Edwin Pouchet, Ken “Professor” Philmore, Andy Sheafe, and Seion Gomez to produce songs like Celebration Time, Hooked, Dangerous, Surrender, Calling Meh, Vibes, Dr. Samaroo and Outta De Box. He has also worked with a multitude of singers, writers, and performers and has enjoyed long term collaborations with Denyse Plummer and Destra Garcia over his musical journey. His music has won awards in in several categories, including COTT Pan Song of the Year and International Soca Awards, and has been performed by winning bands in Pan is Beautiful 1998 (Ensemble Category), Small and Medium Band in the National Panorama, primary and secondary school Junior Panorama bands over the years. In 2015, his song “Dr.Samaroo”, arranged by Amrit Samaroo, was performed by Supernovas which placed 2nd in the first International Panorama held in Trinidad and Tobago in August 2015.

Mark is also Honorary Founding Director of the Music Literacy Trust, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2004, which has assisted talented and young pannists in education, preserved the music of cultural pan icons, and introduced music education programmes for youth in socially disadvantaged areas.
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